Safety and Security – Residential Security Systems

Home invasions are three times more likely for homes that are not protected by security alarms that those that are. This is from a recent study. It is no wonder that there is more than $20 billion in annual sales for the security alarm industry. Below we discuss the various components of a security system for your home. The First Line of Defense – Entry Detection A system of sensors on windows and doors is the first line of defense. Burglars enter through doors on the ground floor in three quarters of all home intrusions. As a first step, your basic system should protect all entry doors, front and back. To further improve security, have sensors installed on windows a burglar would likely target. Residential security system sensors are normally hard wired to the system control panel in new construction homes. For existing homes a wireless set up is the preferred connection. The Second Line of Defense – Motion Detection If an intruder penetrates your home without tripping your first line of defense, motion sensors step in to assist. Passive infrared sensors detect body heat and the motion of that heat. At least one motion sensor should be installed in an area or room a burglar is likely to traverse. More expensive and effective systems include sensors on each floor of the home, basement included. There are systems with motion detectors that differentiate size/mass. These pet immune systems ignore smaller sources of heat emitted by small and even medium sized dogs. Protection from and Warning of Accidents The second most common reason homeowners install security systems is to provide fire detection. Heat and smoke detectors sense the components of a fire and trip the alarm. This alerts the occupants and monitoring company real time. Secondarily, the fire department is notified. For those wanting protection and warning from other calamities, there are water sensors and temperature detectors. Water sensors detect excess water in an area. A ruptured supply line to the washing machine or other system may have caused this. Freeze detectors are available to signal if the house is unusually cold. This could signify that the heating system has failed and pipes are in danger of freezing. There are other sensors that alarm upon high levels of carbon monoxide or natural gas. Controlling the Security System Control of the system is done through the use of a keypad. This is predominantly used to arm and disarm your home security system. It should be installed in a location that is convenient but also where perpetrators will not be able to determine if the system is armed. An alphanumeric LCU screen displays the system status. This will show armed status, which sensors are active, whether is set for perimeter only, etc. Entering your personal security code disarms the system. More expensive systems provide touch screens. Options include card and proximity readers of key fobs disarm the system in a flash. Daily use of installed residential security systems is not the norm. People tend to ignore setting the alarm if it is inconvenient or a threat of not envisioned. The control panel and the attitude towards arming it must be normal and convenient! Security Control Panel The security control panel controls the system’s various elements. This includes keypad, audible alarm functions, sensors, and communication with the monitoring station. Underwriters Laboratories (an independent product certification company) considers those systems with a battery backup for power failures. Self-contained systems combine panel, keypad and audible alarms all in one physical unit. This system is easy to install, but a determined intruder can defeat it. Separation or the control panel from the keypad, complete with an out of sight installation is much better. Upper end systems can be controlled and monitored by the Internet or smart phone. While away, you can verify the system armed. Similarly you can disable the residential security system to allow a friend or contractor gain entrance. Following this, you can re-enable the system. Higher end systems can be set up to provide notification of routine entries and exits. This goes as far as watching your kids come home from school on video. Some of these upper end systems allow you to vary the thermostat remotely. Security Alarm Monitoring Service A 24-hour monitoring service is the only way to allow your residential security system to provide you the full benefits. Upon any sensor being triggered, a good home security system signals a monitoring service, staffed continuously. This provides you protection around the clock, every day of the year. Upon alert, the monitoring service will try to contact the occupants to verify the alarm before calling police (using a password). About 98% of all alerts are false or spurious alarms. That is one reason for the phone call. The other is to get more information to help assist. Considerations Hard phone lines can be cut. This may notify your monitoring service of an “outage”, but it will not notify them of a problem. Getting your residential security system set up to use your cellular phone as a primary or back-up is the only way to assure you of the best protection. On the financial side, my monitoring service used to charge me monthly. I contacted them and got a large rebate by paying a year in advance. Bottom Line Most likely the reduction in your homeowner’s insurance annual bill upon installation of a residential security system with fire detection system will save you money. Even if you get no rate reduction from your insurance company (unlikely), you will live your day free from worries of intrusion and sleep your night soundly.

Safety & Security: Outwit Vandals With Window Security Films

Window film, also called window tint or Lustalux, is transparent plastic film which is applied to glass windows specifically to reduce heat and radiation from the sun. It is available in many different compositions with varying effects on the optical and mechanical properties of the underlying glass. Because window film is applied to finished glass it is easier to install and less costly than chemically-altered specialty glass. The fastest growing use of window films are by home owners and companies engaged in energy savings, glare reduction, ultra violet protection, heat reduction and retention, safety, security and graphics. Virtually any high-traffic area with windows or other surfaces such as Elevators, Restrooms, Display areas, Architectural elements are vulnerable to costly vandalism. In the case of windows, there’s the additional threat of “smash-and-grab” thieves, who rely on fast access through your facility’s broken glass to get their job done. Now, one can help foil destructive efforts, with Magnum safety and security tinting. A protective film that helps prevent scribing and other defacing of your base surface, yet one that vandal won’t even know is there. If vandals leave their mark, the film can be peeled off and replaced easily, eliminating graffiti-and the need for costly glass replacement. Window Safety/security films are clear laminated polyester films that when bonded to glass, contribute making the complete window stronger. It hinders and slows down smash and grabs burglaries, and during explosions or natural disasters keeps glass together to minimize human injury and destruction. If a window that has had window film applied to it is broken, the film can help prevent the glass from falling into the room. In the event of broke glass, window film will limit injury and damage to people and property. Even if a window breaks, the window film will keep out the weather until the glass can be replaced. The thicker the film the better it is. In fact safety/security films have proven tested standards. Window film and window tinting provides you multiple benefits such as it protect the interior of your house, defend the health and comfort of you and your family by blocking 99% of the ultraviolet light that causes skin diseases, Improve finances by conserving energy through reducing your cooling cost in summer and prevent heat loss in winter, guard your privacy, make your home more attractive. While no film can completely eliminate fading, but still Window Tinting can reduce the major causes and help to prevent premature fading preserving your furnishings and flooring. This film lets you achieve the look of etched glass, at a fraction of the cost. It opens unlimited design possibilities, allowing you to bring vibrant color, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces. It gives you new power to impart privacy and enhance safety in commercial spaces. You can bring color and texture to virtually any glass window, door, or room divider. Subtly or sensationally. Decorative tinting puts multiple colors and patterns at your disposal: red, yellow, green, blue, bronze, white, black, matte, frost. Achieve any hue. Diffuse, Focus, or block light completely.

Essentials For Your Well-Being, Safety And Security

Well, I’ve been around for a little bit and let me tell you something. I felf safer during the ‘cold war’ then I feel right now. What can one do? We are all going to have to take extra measures in our everyday life to protect oneself and family better. First and formost, we must be more vigilant. We must be aware of our surroundings. This is not being paranoid, it’s just being aware. (2) Review the situation in your mind. You need to be prepared to assess all your options quickly, to ensure that your response will be the one most likely to get you out of the situation unharmed. (3) Act, don’t React. This goes along with remaining proactive and taking the initiative, rather than allowing the wrongdoer to be the one who “calls the shots.” Expect the unexpected by being aware and prepared. (4) Develop an effective personal protection plan. Having a plan in advance will reduce the likelihood that you’ll be thrown off guard and act foolishly rather than proactively in the eventuality that you have to protect yourself. (5) Practice protection and evacuation/escape techniques and procedures. Practice makes perfect is more than and old adage, it is a time honored truth. These type skills can save lives. More importantly, the life you save may be your own. These skills must be learned, practised, updated and practised again. (6) Don’t forget to turn on your alarm system whenever you leave your house. You won’t be surprised when you re-enter your home. Your system can be used while you and your family are kicked back relaxing. This is called “arming the perimeter.” Outside doors and windows are alarmed, allowing for movement inside. (7) Don’t neglect to repair broken locks on windows and doors. What you don’t fix today can help a wrongdoer tonight or tomorrow. Don’t be an accomplice in a crime against yourself. (8) Don’t leave the bushes and shrubbery around your house untrimmed. When you do so, you leave places and spaces for the wrongdoers to lurk and hide and lye in the shadows. Repair broken lights and install them where there are dark shadowy hiding places. (9) A wrongdoer’s ultimate dream. An unlocked car in a driveway with an extra set of keys to your house inside. This can be a nightmare waiting to befall you. Stop this practise. (10) Always keep a charged cell phone in your bedroom at night. There are several reasons for this. A wrongdoer may cut your phone wires. When your phone wires are cut , the system takes this as a attack on the system and it sends a distress signal to the monitoring station and the monitoring station will send help. While help is on the way, and you are moving around in a room you have previously deemed safest, you have communications and can guide your rescuers.

Safety And Security Equipment Financing

ASafety and security equipment financing is an effective solution considered by many organizations for investing in state of the art equipments. Such equipments are designed to cater to the security requirements of any industrial establishment. Security could be defined on many levels. The most obvious is the physical level of security that is required in almost any organization belonging to either the industrial or the service sector. Such equipments include monitoring devices, surveillance cameras, alarms, scanning devices, identification mechanisms etc. These devices make use of elaborate technology to ensure the safety of the people at a very overt level. Safety and security equipment financing also includes a new genre of instruments. These instruments are an assortment of hardware and software that are designed to ensure that integrity and safety of data. The birth of the internet spiraled the world into a whirlwind of activities. Sharing of information and communication over long distances is now a reality due to the interconnection between thousand of computers all over the world. Unfortunately, it also gave rise to a new genus of crime often referred to as cyber crime. The prime motive of a cyber criminal is to steal information available online and use it for personal benefits. Thus, it has become the need of the day to protect computer systems against such criminals. However, the security provisions, which may be available in the form of hardware or software, are expensive. Therefore, leading companies consider a finance option that allows for an investment into security technologies. Safety and security equipment financing is thus, an investment choice that organizations need to make. If the cost of buying these machines is compared against the cost of paying the rent for hiring these devices, it will be found that investing in such a machine proves to be more beneficial in the end. So, it becomes imperative to chalk out a finance plan that covers the possibility of investing capital for an office duty-typesetting machine. Normally, business houses require two types of capital- the long-term capital and the short-term capital. The long-term capital may be raised from sources like share capital, retained earnings or venture capital funds. The short-term capital may come from bonds, financial institutions etc. Ultimately, every company decides the best source of finance for investing in security mechanisms. The main source of safety and security equipment financing could be loans since they are the most preferred form of capital for business houses the world over. Banking institutions offer many different types of loans like personal loan, housing loans, business loans etc. These can be made use of while raising capital for printing machines. The first type of loan that can be raised for investing in such technology is the loan with a fixed interest rate. In this case, the rate of interest rate does not change throughout the lifetime of the loan. This is the most archetypal type of a loan favored by people. The variable rate loan has an interest rate that changes over the life span of the loan. Many different lending bodies offer such loans. Some of these institutions are lending houses, banks and moneylenders.

Car Alarms Offer Safety And Security

Car Alarm Acts As Safeguard For You And Your Car: A car alarm is an electronic devise that is installed in the vehicle to discourage theft. Car alarms can be triggered by a number of things for example vibrations, touching the car or opening of special switches on the door contacts. When triggered a car alarm will usually emit a high volume sound, the vehicles horn or a pre-recorded warning. Since people are so use to hearing car alarms being triggered accidentally usually by drunken people and animals, they do nothing to prevent theft. Alarm systems have moved recently far beyond their original scope. The quest for creating security systems that are both fail proof and able to trigger some sort of reactive response has triggered an explosion of technological breakthroughs which transform this field into a very spectacular and innovative one. Home alarm systems in particular are the ones that have seen an evolution coming in leaps and bounds. There are several strategies used but most of them rely either on the deterrence of burglars, by attempting to call the local police unit. Why Car Alarms Are Preferred By Every Carowner: Car alarm systems have also seen a great deal of improvement. Notably the most important addition to this type of alarm systems introduced lately is the GPS enabled devices. These ensure that even if a car is stolen it can be easily tracked. Of course the old design that starts ringing like crazy when you get close to the car is also very popular. A more recent type allows the thief to get away with the car, then after a few miles the car stops, a smoke screen goes off and the siren starts ringing. Of course all this is happening as the car is tracked through GPS. Now that is no longer a car, but a thief trap and a very good one to begin with. From all these alarm systems available it can become increasingly hard for someone to find the best deal around. If you were to believe the ads, all the retail alarm systems are the best value, they all do everything short of cooking your meal and they will all make you the happiest man alive. Of course in reality things are a little bit different. Alarm systems do what they are supposed to do and even if you don’t feel like any danger is present, it is still wise to have them around, even if only to drop the cost of your insurance. All Types Of Car Alarms Are Available: Since there are so many false alarms with car alarms, many car manufacturers fit immobilizers instead. An immobilizer is an electronic device which prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. Since 1997 it has been mandatory that all new cars manufactured in the UK have an immobilizer fitted. As well as the immobilizer, aftermarket vehicle tracking systems are available to buy that can enable the police to trace stolen vehicles. There is usually an annual fee to pay with these vehicle tracking systems, but insurance companies love it as they can pay out less and so your premium should be lower. Altogether alarm systems are now becoming a thing that our modern world cant live without. As technology progresses we will probably see many new inventions along the way and it is also possible that costs will eventually drop as these devices go into mass production.